As the school counselor at St. John School, I work with students and teachers to help build a nurturing and supportive community for students, parents and staff.  When not in my office working with students one-on-one or in small groups, you will find me teaching in classrooms, doing student observations in the classroom, assisting on the playground, and/or doing triage work with parents and/or staff.

Responsive Services:

  • Individual and small-group counseling
  • Behavioral coaching
  • Conflict resolution
  • Consultation/collaboration
  • Referrals

School Guidance Curriculum:

  • Goal setting and decision-making
  • Education of understanding self and others
  • Peer relationships, coping strategies and effective social skills
  • Communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution
  • Career awareness, exploration and planning

For more School Counseling information or resources, please visit my School Counseling webpage.

I can also be contacted at 206-783-0337, ext. 306 or at drousso@st-johnschool.org.

Office Hours:  Mondays and Tuesdays