A Peek Inside the Counselor’s Office

Welcome to my office! Here is a little peek at some of the spaces and resources I have available to students…



First off, this is my main workspace where I meet with students and have my small group meetings.







During meetings with students, we will often do art projects or play fun games that help us learn and practice skills. 





Another activity I often do with students is known as “bibliotherapy”. This simply involves reading social-emotional books and then discussing their message. I have a wide variety of books ranging in topics from conflict and friendship skills to family changes and trauma/grief. 

I am always more than happy to lend you a book if you’d like to take it home and share it with your child as a family!




A final main space in my office is the “Calm Down Corner”. Students who are feeling upset or overwhelmed can take a positive time-out to calm down in my office.