Lessons with Ms. Shaw

Each week I post several mini-counseling lessons that involve a picture book which helps to teach or address a relevant social-emotional skill. You can find these lessons by topic here:

      • Back to School (these lessons focus on back to school feelings and getting to know the role of a school counselor)
      • Distance Learning & COVID-19 Related (these lessons all seek to help students make sense of all of the changes to their day-to-day life; including, navigating distance learning, understanding Coronavirus, mask wearing, and more)
      • Feelings & Calming Down (these lessons cover how to identify feelings, address a variety of specific feelings, and teach strategies to manage uncomfortable feelings)
      • Growth Mindset & Helpful Thinking (these lessons address what a growth mindset is, how to cultivate it, and also how our thinking shapes our feeling)
      • Friendship & Problem Solving (these lessons focus on making and maintaining friendships, as well as learning strategies to solve social problems)
      • Empathy, Gratitude, & Courage (these lessons pertain to developing these three invaluable character traits)

New lessons are added weekly! If you or your child have a particular topic that you would like me to address, I am very happy to do so! Just email your request to cshaw@st-johnschool.org