SEL Resources

Check out the below list with some activities and resources to inspire social-emotional learning at home!

    • (K-1st) Life’s Little Lessons is a fantastic digital collection of resources based on the PBS show, “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.” It uses Fred Rogers’ social-emotional learning curriculum to teach children how to manage emotions and develop key social skills.
    • (K-2nd) Kelso’s Choice, the social-emotional program that we use in all of the primary grades, has wonderful videos and activities to continue learning and practicing how to solve small problems. Find a great 10-minute video here that shows kids using the problem solving wheel (PDF of wheel here) at school. Kelso’s Choice has also released their entire Willow Pond story series as videos and PDFs. These are fantastic, engaging stories that really reinforce the learning.
        • Story 1: “Willow Pond” (video)
        • Story 2: “A Visitor” (video)
        • Story 3: “The Fly Boys” (video)
        • Story 4: “The Benson Blues” (video)
        • Story 5: “The Houseboat” (video)
    • (K-2nd) ClassDojo is a great online resource that has short videos that teach about many different topics such as; moods and attitudes, positive thinking, big challenges, empathy, mindfulness, and more. The videos are short and even come with conversation starters for parents and kids to talk about the message of the video together.
    • (K-3rd) The Imagine Neighborhood is a great podcast that talks about feelings. I can’t recommend this podcast enough!
    • (K-3rd) Emotional ABCs in a great online resource that families can subscribe to and pay a monthly fee (ranges $10-15/month) to access many social emotional lessons and activities. The lessons focus on social-emotional skills that support school readiness, learning to cope with frustration, and skills to manage impulse control.
    • (K-5th) Calm down jars are a wonderful tool to use when you’re upset and need to calm down. Here is a link to a few ways to make them.
    • (K-5th) Create a calm down space in your home. Ideas to get you going on what this might look like are here.
    • (K-8th) Check out this list of 30 things St. John students can do to practice emotional health.
    • (K-8th) Complete the Social Emotional Learning Scavenger Hunt for St. John students! There are 8 tasks that are both silly and fun, but also nurture mental health and well-being.
    • (K-8th) Move This World has many wonderful social-emotional activities for students to do at home. Check out several of my favorite here, including; an emotions memory game and emotions Go Fish, self care bingo and social connection bingo, a family feelings interview, and more.
    • (K-8th) Looking for fun and simple ways to spark social-emotional conversations as a family? Print out and play this Family Talk board game, use these 48 Family Conversation Starters during dinner, or do this fun Family Selfie Scavenger Hunt.
    • (K-8th) The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has tons of great ideas and activities that spread kindness.
    • (K-8th) Make a coping skills fortune teller. If you need some ideas for positive coping skills, check out this list with 100 ideas of healthy coping skills.